Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keygen and torrent to Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 is the latest version of the most popular office suite from Microsoft. It promises a revolution in creating, editing and use of documents. Most of the changes you can specify two keywords: touchscreen interface and integration in the cloud.
Microsoft Office 2013 is a product designed for tablets. Of course, users of desktop computers are still flaps attention for Microsoft. But you can not hide the fact that most of the new Microsoft Office 2013 will benefit holders of devices with touch screens. Soon, a large proportion of us will make presentations on the tablet. At least I think Microsoft.
What changes have occurred in the various programs?
Word 2013
The most important change in Word 2013 is the fact that we can use it to edit PDF files. So you do not need any other additional applications. Just open the PDF and DOC file as normal and get to work! You can edit the text, paste images and do basically everything that has so far been reserved for Word documents. Hooray!
Excel 2013
Excel is for many of us office nightmare. This powerful tool can give you a heart palpitations, and a multitude of features make it very willingly sit down to learning to use the program. Now, Microsoft came to us on the counter - the most important and most popular put options in the context menu. This means that it is enough to select multiple columns of data, right-click and select the desired action for us. This can be a calculation of the average, creating a chart and table or mark the extreme values ​​of colors. And there is a lot! Another plus!
PowerPoint 2013
This is where our small profession, because in PowerPoint 2013, there is little real change of great importance. At first glance, see the shortcut that allows you to add any object directly from a single view of the slide. For aesthetes color picker appears and the templates contain a complete set of colors, so in order not to choose their own. Any changes to plus, but no revelations.
Outlook 2013
The biggest change - horizontal placement of key shortcuts at the bottom of the screen and use the so-called. Aero Peek familiar with Windows 7 and Vista. The idea is that now you do not need to click on the shortcut to see its contents - just move the mouse and see the quick preview. Can be added to change the little things as well as the ability to display the weather forecast on the calendar and the ability to install plug-ins to extend the default behavior of the program.
We all know the pain when it rains we lose a disk or USB flash drive with a valid document. Microsoft Office 2013 solves this problem by introducing integration with SkyDrive. Now all the documents created by the package will be immediately placed on your hard disk in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a device that has an Internet connection.
Microsoft Office 2013 introduces a lot of interesting improvements, and at the same time sets the future direction of development of office suites. New, clean interface seems simple and easy to use. Ability to support Microsoft Office 2013 for tablets and suitable for their interface is really brave, but also expected by many to move. If you want to see how in practice exercises, a new office suite from Microsoft - be sure to check the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus!

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